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The Power Of The LASH+ DR

Quarantine day number ...? I have lost track. With the exception of 2 weeks in July, our poor beauty industry has been closed down since March - MARCH! It feels like forever since we have been able to be in the studio giving all of our WINKies pretty lashes. Which means, there is no chance that anyone still has any extensions still hanging on *sigh*


this is a great time to really focus on the health of your natural lashes! While extensions won't cause lash damage (more about that here), if you have been wearing them for years you might not have noticed a change in your natural lashes. Some big factors that cause changes in natural lashes are aging and stress - yes stress!

Luckily there are fabulous products out there that can help. But not all are created equal. WINK exclusively carries the NovaLash product The Lash+Dr, due to its quality ingredients and formulation!

Heres why:

It is 100% Prostaglandin FREE! This is the main reason we love it so much. Prostaglandin is a hormone used in many lash & brow growth serums. If you have heard in the past of lash serums causing darkening of the eye/ eye area and irritation, it could possibly be because of this ingredient. After doing lashes for over 8 years, I have seen A LOT of natural lashes, and can almost always pick out someone who has been using a lash serum with prostaglandin in it. The natural lashes usually look wire-y and super duper long. While this might seem great to see fast lash growth coming in, it really isn't making your lashes healthier or stronger. It's basically a crazy jump start to your lash follicles to promote length more than anything else. And you bet when you stop using that product, your lashes are probably going to go back to normal - because it isn't doing anything to help strengthen the follicle or lashes! Lash length alone does not mean healthy lashes. A lot of the time I am not able to apply thicker extensions to lashes like this, since they are weak and won't be able to support it, even though they are long.

Ok, back to The Lash+ Dr - since this is a prostaglandin FREE product, it focuses on conditioning and strengthening the natural lash follicles. This will help promote growth of stronger, healthy natural lashes. And remember - healthy natural lashes are what we as lash artists focus on when choosing what extensions you can support.

The Lash+ Dr offers a combination of natural plant extracts, peptides, multi-vitamins, and conditioners that nourish the root and makes it resilient to loss and breakage. It is also ideal to use if you have had any lash damage from previous extension work before getting extensions done again. PLUS its totally safe for contact wearers & can be applied if you have NovaLash extensions on.

I truly believe it is the best lash growth serum on the market because it isn't a gimmick of just fast lash growth - it is actually enhancing lash follicles for longevity of thickness, strength, length, and overall health. A win, win, win, WIN!

Want to try it out yourself? Check out our WINK SHOP to purchase or CLICK HERE

(This product can sell out fast, so if you see it out of stock on our site, shoot us an email at and we can get it to you asap!)

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