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So many lashes, where to begin! Whether you are a lash artist just starting out or a brand new client to the lash extension world, learning about all the different lash types can be super overwhelming! Don't worry, I'm going to break it all down today!

*Note, this information is what we have/offer at WINK and the NovaLash products that we use. Different businesses/ companies could offer different products and wording*

First, lets get into the different lash styles there are:

CLASSIC: The type of extensions that started it all! One extension is placed on one natural lash. Gives more of a mascara look (but much, much better), and the most common type of extension service.

HYBRID: Extensions used are a mix of classic and volume lashes. About 30-50% of the extensions will be volume.

VOLUME: Multiple, very thin extensions are handmade into a fan during your service. The volume fan is then placed on one natural lash, creating a full, fluffy look!

Now the question of 'which style should I choose?'

This is something that is best discussed with your lash artist! They will be able to chat with you about your desired look, and which style will best suit you. If this is your very first time getting extensions and you are unsure, at WINK we recommend starting with classic lashes. Volume extensions can always be applied at fill appointments if you are wanting to switch over eventually! Note that some lash artists do not offer volume, so if you think you might want that service, book accordingly.

OK! Now that we have covered the different styles, let's talk about the differences in the extensions themselves.

At WINK, so many clients are shocked to see all the lash boxes (that's how extensions are packaged) we have in our treatment rooms. We have A LOT! But that's because we usually carry 3 different lash curls, and in each of those curls we have 2 different thicknesses, and in each of those thicknesses we carry 4-5 different lengths - and that's just for CLASSIC extensions! So yeah, we have a lot of lashes because we need lots of options!

So, why do we need so many different extensions?

If we only had a couple different lash sizes, it would be like an artist only having a couple colors to paint with. Having different curls, thicknesses, & lengths help us customize the perfect extensions for what you are hoping for. AND a bigggg reason (that I will repeat forever) is that you can only apply extensions to natural lashes that can support it! Not everyones natural lashes are the same, and having many different options allows us to tailor the extensions to what will be best for what your natural lashes can support.

Let's break it down:

DIAMETER: For CLASSIC extensions, we use .15 or .20 sizes. In the lash industry, .20 extensions have gotten a bad rap, but with the NovaMINX extensions from NovaLash, the weight is actually less than a traditional .20 lash making it safe to put on the natural lash!

For VOLUME extensions, diameters of .05 and .07 are used. Guys, those are superrrr thin! But, the thin extensions allow us to group multiple together into a fan and place on one natural lash without it being too heavy.

LENGTH: At WINK, we use the NovaLash even number sizes in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, & 14mm. We apply at least 2-3 different lengths throughout the lash line to help give a more natural look. 8mm lashes are used on all clients to help give the look of a darker lash line and help stabilize longer lashes.

CURL: We carry 3 different lash curls at WINK from NovaLash. They are classified by letter sizes of B, C, and D. B curl lashes are the least curly, which is ideal for clients that have straight natural lashes and/or want a very natural extension look. The C curl lashes are our most used and most loved lash size! It works great on all natural lash curls and compliments most wanted lash styles. D curl extensions are the curliest lashes we carry and they give a much more noticeable look, although clients with very straight natural lashes could have shorter retention time with D curl lashes.

Isn't it all so interesting?! The nice thing is as a client, you don't need to figure out what lashes are best for you - that is what we are here for! At your appointment, your lash artist will discuss everything with you to help choose what is best for you!

XO Kaylie

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