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LASH MYTHS ANSWERED! Will Lash Extensions Damage My Natural Lashes?

This is probably the most asked question we get from all clients. Seriously, almost every client asks us this. Which is great! That means that you care about your natural lashes.

Short answer? NO!

Now with that being said, some explanation needs to happen. When lash extensions are done CORRECTLY, there is no damage to your natural lashes. But there are a lot of factors that can negatively affect the health of your natural lashes, that a good lash artist will make sure isn't happening.

Heres some examples.

-Choosing correct sizes of lash extensions. This means that the extensions themselves are not too thick OR too long for what the natural lash can support. While we always try to give clients exactly the lash look they want, keeping the natural lashes healthy is our number one priority. When you use extensions that are causing too much weight on the natural lash, that is when premature shedding can occur. When that is continually happening, the lash follicle will begin to weaken and ultimately result in short, sparse, and thin natural lashes.

Separation. This is so freaking important, I can't stress this enough. When applying lash extensions, only one extension (or fan of volume lashes) should be placed on ONE natural lash. A good lash artist will make sure to go through the lashes and separate any that are stuck together. What can happen if multiple extensions/ natural lashes are stuck together? Yep, lash damage. Since all natural lashes are growing on a different lash cycle, if they are stuck together this can cause pulling and premature shedding, aka sparse, thin natural lash regrowth, aka ouch.

And there is one thing that even a good lash artist can't control - YOU! You have to be gentle with your extensions. We could apply the most perfect set of extensions, but if you dont take care of them at home then it doesn't matter. This means NO pulling or twisting your extensions. Doing so can - you guessed it - cause lash damage, premature shedding, and sparse natural lashes.

At WINK, we pride ourselves on being trained with the best (NovaLash) and how seriously we take each lash extension service. Like I always say, healthy natural lashes make for happy extensions!

XO, Kaylie

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