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Wash Your Face Like A Pro

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

You wash your face twice a day (or you should be!) and yet it still doesn’t feel the same as when you get a facial. You know, that squeaky clean feeling? Ahh it’s the best. So often I feel that the cleansing part of a skincare routine is the most looked over, and really it’s one of the most important! If your skin is not cleansed properly, the other products you apply after won’t be able to fully absorb and can lead to breakouts, blackheads, and fine lines (yes even fine lines!). And can we just talk about how makeup wipes do not count as a cleanser?! Felt I just needed to say that (more on this point in a bit).

HERE are some great tips to wash your face like a pro:

Invest in quality skincare. This is super important. The quality in drugstore products vs professional skincare varies greatly. And don't let everything fool you - that $200 Dior cream doesn't mean it has any better ingredients or purpose than a $15 cream from the drugstore. When you purchase professional skincare products, you are paying for quality ingredients that will actually work - and its completely worth it. Do your research, and your skin will thank you. If you need help picking out a skincare product or regimen, contact us - we are here to help! (We love & use Sorella Apothecary!)

Actually take the time to wash your face. Sounds simple right? But I can guarantee that most of you probably don't take as much time as you should. You aren't giving your cleanser a fighting chance on being able to do anything! Takeeeee yourrrrrr timeeeee. Put the cleanser in your hand and lather it up - if its a lather-able (is that a word?) kind - and, using your finger tips, apply it all over your face. Then focus on each section of your face - forehead, cheeks, nose, & chin. Work your fingertips in circle motions all around your face, and make sure to get all those easily forgotten areas - sides of the nose, upper lip, around hairline, and all the way back to the start of the ears.

*PRO TIP - do a double cleanse! It seems excessive, but we do this in all facial services to give your skin a really deep clean!

- Two different cleansers. While its not a necessity, having a different morning and nighttime cleanser can definitely be beneficial to your skincare concerns! For example, I personally have oilier skin and use the Orange You Jelly cleanser in the morning for that fresh, squeaky clean feeling. I then use the Lychee Willow Bark cleanser for a deeper clean in the evenings to help get off all the gunk from the day. I love this cleanser to help with my breakouts & buildup, but it might dry me out a bit if I used it morning and night.

So while its not absolutely needed, it can definitely help out your skin!

- Fancy tools. Again, not something that is a necessity, but you wanted to learn how to wash your face like a pro right? Having a facial tool to help exfoliate and really give that deep clean feeling can help SO much. Some of our favorites are Clarisonic & Foreo (make sure to keep these cleaned regularly!)

EXTRA TIP - Makeup wipes. Ohhh so much can be talked about makeup wipes. Let me repeat myself again - makeup wipes do not count as washing your face! Ok, now that we understand that, I will say something I do love makeup wipes for. In addition to helping take off eye or lip makeup, a makeup wipe can be used on your face (especially if you wear a lot of face makeup) before actually using a cleanser. This does not take place of a cleanser. Think of it as a pre-cleanse.

All cleansers mentioned above (plus more) are from Sorella Apothecary. Order them here

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