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3 Steps To Perfect Brows!

Brows can seem intimidating, we get it! But there are some easy ways you can enhance your brows at home (2020 approved!). At WINK, we use all Kelley Baker Brow products because, well honestly, they are the best - but these tips can be done with any products you already have at home!

Ready? Lets go!

Careful with the tweezers!

It's easy to get carried away, it can happen to us all (we've all seen brows from the 90's!). While it's not a bad thing to do your own brow self care, just make sure to know when to stop. Our recommendation is to get your brows professionally shaped, and at home do the simple upkeep of tweezing stray hairs wayyy outside of your brow line - basically where it is obvious hairs shouldn't be. Once you start getting close to the shape of your brow, put the tweezers down!

Filling in can go a long way!

Ohhhh how I love to fill in brows. At WINK, we fill in using either the KBB powder & angle brush or pencil. It is honestly a personal preference on which to use, although I usually grab a brow pencil to fill in clients brows as apposed to powder. Again, just personal preference. The nice thing with the KBB brow pencil is it gives a more defined look while still being very easy to use and easy to build up color. My favorite tip to fill in brows (whether you are using a pencil or powder) is to:

-Apply a light line across the front bottom part of the brow to create a defined line.

-From that line, use light upward flicks to mimic hair direction.

-At the top arch of the brow, I like to accentuate it by filling that part in with light hair-like strokes.

Highlight for an extra POP

While this is not necessary, boy can it make a difference! To highlight, at WINK we use the KBB highlight pencil and smudge brush. (Any products will do, just make sure the highlight product you are using is a couple shades lighter than your skin tone to really make it pop!) Apply a small amount right under the brow - from the start, to under the arch, to the ends - and use your smudge brush in a light back and forth motion to blend it all in. This isn't meant to be a super noticeable, obvious line. This is a light application that really defines the entire brow shape. It doesn't seem like it would do much, but it can make such a difference!

*Make sure to check out this awesome video of Kelley Baker demonstrating how to fill in brows!*

Extra credit - Lock it in!

Where are my overachievers at?! Want to do one more tiny step to up your brow game? Put your brows in place with a clear gel! This acts kind of like a brow hair spray, and will keep your hairs in place. If you have unruly or curly brow hairs, this is a game changer! Another product that we love (and one of our best sellers at WINK!) is the Tinted Brow Gel from KBB. This product has the staying power of a clear gel, but is tinted to cover any gray or light colored hairs in the brows. The tiny brush lightly covers the hairs only and washes off at the end of the day.

Ready to start your journey to pretty sculpted brows? Book your brow appointment at WINK online here, and shop all of our favorite Kelley Baker Brow products here!

(as of 9/22, we are sadly still closed due to the mandatory covid19 lockdown, but check in soon when we are able to reopen! Online WINK SHOP is still open for shipping or local delivery)

XO Kaylie


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